Thursday, November 7, 2013

And the winners are....!

Only one more day until The Wonderland Boutique opens its doors -- let's celebrate by announcing a whole list of winners!

The winner of the "Grey's Company" triptych by Her Art from the Attic is...
Chelsea Madsen

The winner of 5 Laser-Cut Wood Snowflakes from Little Things is...
Jeanne-Marie Hill Burrows

The winner of a little boy tie and suspender set from E Boutique is...
Jazzy Holman

The winner of a half-dozen macarons from Le Petit Macaron is...

Sara Smith

The winner of the "You Are My Sunshine" typography print from My Posh Designs is...
Stephanie Webb

The winner of the Cascading Chevron necklace from Saffron and Saege is...
Cindy Sharkey

The winner of a $10 gift certificate to Cavalcade is...
Alexa Marie Zurcher

You may have noticed that one giveaway is missing -- Alexa Z Design!  I accidently set her giveaway to end tonight at midnight instead of last night, so you get a bonus day to enter!  Share it on FB and get an extra three entries (even if you've already done it -- you can do it again).

And don't give up hope if you didn't see your name here -- we still have THREE giveaways happening before the boutique opens over on our Facebook page.  Look for pictures that say "Share to win!"  And when you come to the boutique, we'll have a couple more fun giveaways you can enter on the spot.  Because who doesn't like free stuff?!

Many thanks to EVERYONE who has helped us spread the word about The Wonderland Boutique!  We are so excited to see you all there.  Our wonderful vendors are hard at work getting everything ready for tomorrow -- prepare to be delighted!


  1. Hooray! So excited I won!! :) Thanks!

  2. Wow! That is so awesome! Thank you!!

  3. How cool that my mom won! Cindy, lucky lady!