Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vendor spotlight -- The Yellow Bicycle

We have another lovely vendor to tell you about!  Kristi Parker is just starting up her Etsy shop The Yellow Bicycle, and she is excited to debut her high quality, helpful, and adorable items at The Wonderland Boutique!  Here's what Kristi has to say about her shop:

"I love sewing for functionality and for the everyday needs of women and mothers. I love creating beautiful, purposeful, everyday items.  I have been making car trash bags for friends and family for years and am just now getting up the courage to sell them as well.  My trash bags are perfect for collecting the litter that tends to collect in cars, but can also handle the sticky mess that comes with kids.  The trash bag can be used alone, or can be purchased with a heavy plastic insert. I will be stocking my shop as soon as this boutique has passed where there will be a lot more variety.  I am also working on a leather edition as well for those who prefer the sleek look.  

"I have also designed a new "Park Your Phone" Caddy.  These little guys are lined with plastic and are perfect for keeping your cell phone tucked away while driving.  The campaign against distracted driving hits close to home so I'm doing my part to spread the message!

"And going along with the car theme, I am selling Car Lap Blankets with pockets - perfect for keeping fingers warm and for stashing little toys in.

"I'll also be selling Christmas felt confetti garlands for all the holiday parties coming up.
And last but not least, my super talented husband, Ben Parker, will be featuring some of his wood wizard wands in my display - perfect  for the Harry Potter fan.  He also loves custom orders:"

Aren't these great items?  I know a couple boys in my house who are going to go nuts for those Harry Potter wands, especially!

And I have some great news -- Kristi is sponsoring our last giveaway before the boutique opens!  Just head over to our Facebook page and share the picture of her clever "Park Your Phone" caddy (it's pinned to the top of the page), then leave a comment to win!

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